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About Us

Our Story

“Institute of Collaboration for Integration and Development” (ICID ) was born as result of concrete initiatives and actions of grouped people with different political views,different levels of scientific education and professions, places of origin and religious beliefs. All together, young men and women, all in the first steps of a path they all aspired to walk along.

However, the movement spread from town to town, pursuing the historical values of cooperation, with the support of the political and governmental protagonists, personalities of science and arts, in national and local scale, the avalanche of initiatives involved high level political figures, mayors, prefects, eligious leaders, leaders of political parties and personalities of the communities in all the administrative centers where these activities to

Our Program

Institute of Collaboration for Integration and Development, through different kind of activities implement and promote collaboration among leadership in the society as well as contribute to build sustainable and collaborative networks among all groups across the society, as a necessity for the present development and that of future of generations. 

Through different types of activities I.C.I.D. wishes to implement and practice collaboration, as a common behaviour of our contemporary society, aiming to increase among the leaders the awareness that: 

  • There is no economic development and progress without collaboration of stakeholders in the society;
  • There is no harmony, peace or social integration without their collaborative contribution;
  • There is no regional cooperation without collaboration, within the single countries;
  • There is no Euro-Atlantic integration without collaboration of prominent factors in both: national and regional levels;