Sunday, December 5, 2021

People that give their daily contribute to ICID, Partners & Collaborators:

Team Leader

Mr. Mulita is the projects’ team leader. At the present Dr. Mulita is involved in academic activity after finishing PhD Studies in Political Science at the University of Trieste

Political Representatives

The initiative and the activities for collaboration, integration and development have been supported directly with their participation, speeches

Youth and Women Leaders

The leaders and representatives of the youth and women organizations, in national and local level took a protagonist role in organizing

Local Political and Governmental Leaders

Elected and nominated local representatives, as well as political leaders were permanent contributors and participants in the activities.

Famous Artists

The most famous “Artists of the People” accompanied activities in national and local levels. Their presence in these activities was of strong singificance

Religious Representatives

Religious harmony and coexistence behaviour as one of the significant treasures of the Albanian people, were strongly present during

International Institutions


Many representatives of International Institutions supported the I.C.I.D. initiative and participated in national and local level activities

Academic and Press Representatives

High level academic personalities were lecturers in the activities. The significant collaborative experience and the future